What type of training is best for cycling?

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To get the most out of cycling, it is important to have a training plan that is tailored to your needs as a cyclist.


In this blog post, we will explore the best types of training for different levels of cyclists, including novice, intermediate, and advanced cyclists.

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Novice Cyclists

For novice cyclists, it is important to start with a solid foundation. This means building up your endurance and developing good cycling habits. Some recommendations for novice cyclists include:

Consistent Riding

To improve your endurance, it is important to ride consistently. This means setting a schedule and sticking to it. Start with shorter rides and gradually increase the length and intensity of your rides as you become more comfortable.

Strength Training

Strength training off the bike is also important for novice cyclists. This can include exercises such as squats, lunges, and core work. Strength training will help you build the muscles you need to power through hills and other challenging terrains.

Group Rides

Joining a cycling group can also be beneficial for novice cyclists. Group rides can help you build confidence and learn from more experienced riders.

Intermediate Cyclists

For intermediate cyclists, it is important to focus on increasing your speed and building your endurance. Here are some recommendations for intermediate cyclists:

Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to increase your speed and endurance. This involves alternating periods of high-intensity effort with periods of lower intensity. For example, you might do a 30-second sprint followed by a 30-second recovery period.

Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are another great way to build strength and endurance. Find a hill that takes 1-2 minutes to climb and do multiple repeats, with a recovery period in between.

Tempo Rides

Tempo rides are another effective way to build endurance. These are rides done at a steady, moderate pace for an extended period of time. Aim for rides that are 2-3 hours long at a consistent pace.

Advanced Cyclists

For advanced cyclists, it is important to continue to challenge yourself and push your limits. Here are some recommendations for advanced cyclists:

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to increase your speed and endurance. This involves short bursts of all-out effort followed by a recovery period. HIIT can be done on the bike or off the bike with exercises such as sprints or jump squats.

Endurance Rides

Endurance rides are longer rides done at a consistent pace. These rides are great for building your endurance and mental toughness. Aim for rides that are 4-6 hours long.

Time Trials

Time trials are a great way to test your speed and endurance. These are solo efforts where you ride as fast as you can for a set distance or time. Time trials can be done on the road or on a stationary bike.

Precautions for All Cyclists

No matter what level of cyclist you are, it is important to take precautions to prevent injury and stay safe on the road. Here are some recommendations for all cyclists:

Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are just as important as training. Make sure to take rest days and listen to your body. If you feel tired or sore, take a break from training.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for fueling your rides and recovering properly. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear such as a helmet and reflective clothing is important for staying safe on the road. Make sure your bike is also in good working order and that you have lights and reflectors for riding at night.


In conclusion, the best type of training for cycling depends on your level of experience and your goals as a cyclist.


Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced cyclist, there are training techniques that can help you improve your speed, endurance, and overall fitness.


Remember to take precautions to stay safe on the road and to listen to your body when it comes to rest and recovery.

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