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5km TT test

Calculate you running training zones.
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Test Description

The 5km Run TT is a simple field used to determine your threshold pace and heart rate.

You should complete the TT on as flat a course as possible to which you have unrestricted access. This is important for when you do the re-tests so that we can make more accurate comparisons.

We like the test for its simplicity and repeatability

Test Protocol

Equipment required:

  • 5km flat circuit or a 1km circuit you can run 5 times
  • a heart rate monitor
  • a stopwatch.

The testing procedure: After completing the warm up  as prescribed, perform the strides as described. 

Take care to perform the the time trial at the same time of day every time, and for added accuracy, try to wear the same apparel and shoes.


*Record your overall time and average heart rate for the full 5km TT.**Record a split time and average heart rate for each kilometre i.e 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km and 5km.

The recorded data is to be submitted into the form below for analysis.

The 5km TT Program

WU: (Warm Up)

8 minutes easy pace5 minutes medium pace3 minutes medium hard pace

30 secs Strides (start at a slow pace, build up to fast – not sprint – pace), followed by a 1 min walk

Repeat 4 times

MS: (Main Set)

Run 5km as hard as possible at a pace you can maintain for the entire TT (Time Trial)

LD: (Loosen Down)

10 minutes easy jog

10 minutes easy stretching

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