5km Time Trial Run Test

Calculate your training paces and heart rate zones.
Get your potential predicted race times.

When you look at your training program, have you ever wondered what the best power or heart rate zone would be for each training session?

As no two athletes are the same, you could benefit greatly from individualising your pace or heart rate zones.


What are your individual training zones?


The 5km TT Run test can help you calculate your optimal running training zones so that you get the most out of each training session.

The 5km TT Run test is a widely used method for determining an individual’s running performance and endurance.

This test provides valuable information that can be used to track fitness levels, set training goals, and monitor progress over time.

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What are the benefits of the 5km TT test?

The benefits of the 5km TT run test are numerous:

  • The test provides an objective measure of cardiovascular fitness.
  • The test can give a clear indication of an athlete’s level of cardiovascular endurance.
  • As it is a standardised test, it can be used to compare an individual’s fitness level to others of the same age and gender.
  • The test results can predict potential finishing times for other race distances.

What equipment is required for 5km TT test?

The 5km Run TT is a simple field test used to determine your Threshold Heart Rate and Pace.
From these two numbers, your individual training zones can be calculated.


You should complete the TT on as flat a course as possible to which you have unrestricted access. This is important for when you perform the re-tests so that accurate comparisons can be made.


The equipment list for your test

  • Appropriate running shoes
  • Appropriate athletic wear
  • A heart rate monitor with timing functions is highly recommended.
  • A power sensor is not crucial but will provide important data.
  • A stopwatch if you have a coach
  • Water bottles
  • Carbohydrate drink or gel.

How to perform the 5km TT test

The protocol for the 5km TT run test is also relatively simple.

Athletes should be well-rested and properly warmed up before starting the test.

Athletes should wear the appropriate running shoes and clothing.

Athletes should run at their maximum effort throughout the test, and they should be provided with water and a cool-down period after completing the run.

The 5km TT Run test

The methodology for the 5km TT run test is relatively straightforward.

Athletes begin the run at a starting line and stop the clock when they cross the finish line.

The 5km TT should be completed on a flat, measured course, and athletes should be given a clear indication of the start and finish lines.



WU: (Warm-Up)

8 minutes easy pace

5 minutes medium pace

3 minutes medium-hard pace


30 secs “Strides” (start at a slow pace, build up to fast – not a sprint – pace), followed by a 1 min Walk

*repeat 4 times



MS: (Main Set)

Run 5km as hard as possible at a pace you can maintain for the entire TT (Time Trial)



LD: (Loosen Down)

10 minutes easy jog

10 minutes of easy stretching



*record your Total time for the TT

**record your average heart rate for the TT

***record your split time and heart rate at every kilometre

Upon completing the 5km TT Run test, submit the data requested in the form above.

You will receive your individualised training zones via email within minutes.


Z1 – Warm-Up and Loosen-Down Zones

Z2 – Aerobic Endurance Zone

Z3 – Muscular Endurance Zone

Z4 – Threshold Zone

Z5a – Anaerobic Endurance Zone

Z5b – Speed Work

Z5c – Force


In conclusion, the 5km time trial run test is a useful tool for assessing cardiovascular fitness and endurance in runners.

It provides an objective measure of cardiovascular fitness and can be used to calculate individualised training zones.

The methodology and protocol for the test are straightforward.

Overall, the 5km TT run test is an effective method for measuring cardiovascular fitness and endurance for runners.