Trail Running Training Plans

Following a structured training plan will increase your chances of success by 100%

Trail Running Plans

Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Training Plans

Training Plans for Trail Running

What are the trail running race distances?

Trail Running is a popular endurance sport race over a measured course on an untarred surface.

There are no standardised distances, but race distance range between 5km and 100miles (161km) with anything over 50km being classified as an Ultra Distance race.

Trail Running races can centre around a central venue, with athletes returning to the start venue area after completing the course or after each lap until the distance is completed. Many of the major ultra trail races are, however, point-to-point races where athletes start at one point and end at a different venue. 

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Choosing the appropriate trail running training plan

In order to make it easier for you to choose the correct training plan for you, we categorise our training plans along 3 variables:

  • Training hours,
  • Race Distance, and
  • Preferred training measure

Training Hours

We split our training plans based on training hours available to the athlete.
The categories are Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

Novice – 4 to 8 hours of training per week

Intermediate – 9 to 13 hours of training per week

Advanced – 14 or more hours of training per week

Race Distance

The second variable is race distance:

Trail Running Race Distances

8km, 15km, 30km and Ultra Distance (50km or more)

Preferred Training Measure

Running training zones are expressed in percentage of max heart rate (%MHR), percentage of threshold heart rate (%THR) and percentage of threshold pace (%TPace).

Training plan version v3.1 = %MHR for run sessions.
Training plan version v3.2 = %THR for run sessions.
Training plan version v3.4 = %TPace for run sessions. 

Trail Running Training Plans

Novice Trail Running Plans

Training plans for athletes training between 4 and 8 hours per week.

Intermediate Trail Running Plans

Training plans for athletes training between 9 and 13 hours per week.

Advanced Trail Running Plans

Training plans for athletes training more than 14 hours per week.

Event Specific Programs

While following a structured training plan could increase your chances of success by up to 100%, no single training plan can prepare you for the rigours and nuances of every event.

Events differ in terms of distance, terrain and technicality. Some events are fast and flat, others are punctuated with short sharp hills, while others may traverse mountain passes.

Should you be serious about getting your best result at a specific event you should have a training program that prepares you specifically for its demands. This would have to be created specifically for you by one of our coaches. 

Complete the questionnaire on our Event Specific program page generator and one of our coaches will contact you. 

Individualised Training Programs

Individualised coaching is for athletes with lofty long term goals.
Work closely with one of our coaches to develop the skills, fitness and tactics necessary to take you to the highest levels in your sport.

We limit our coaches to a maximum of 25 individually coached athletes at a time to ensure the highest quality personalised professional service.

10-Week Trail Running Base Training Plans

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