Event-Specific Training programs

custom programs to prepare you for a specific event

Event-Specific programs

Event-specific programs are for athletes of all abilities who have a good base fitness and are specifically training for 1 big event.

It is recommended that the minimum time to train for such an event is 13 weeks. This allows for initial testing and accurate training zone prescription, 2 Building blocks, 1 Peaking block and a Taper block for the big event.

From "Couch Potato" to my first Olympic distance triathlon in 8 months.

I loved the journey and it felt like the coaches were by my side every step of the way.

Thank you

Jason Stanley

Novice 5150 triathlon program

I finally broke the 4 hour barrier for a marathon.

I've been running on and off since college and never seemed to improve.

I set my PR at age 38 - 3:47:18 marathoner

Thank you

Alice Tinkerton

Intermediate marathon running program

Podium Place in 70.3!!

I was always competitive but could never just break through to the next level. After 4 months of training with MultiSportCoaching, I unlearned my bad habits and the rest is history.

Thank you

Cameron Alistair

Advanced 70.3 triathlon athlete

Your Program Also Includes

Flexibility Program

Sport specific flexibility programs. Programs should be specific for each athlete.

Core Strength Program

Core strength is essential to maintaining good form.

Good form keeps you gong faster for longer

General Strength Program

A stronger body is more injury resistant.

Less down time means you improve as an athlete with every training block.

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training zones will be calculated

basic core program included

basic flexibility program included

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