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Event Specific Training program

For the athlete serious about giving their best performance at a specific event.

What is an event specific program?

An event-specific program is tailored to the requirements of a specific course you will be racing on and takes into account your current fitness levels, strength and weaknesses. The weekly schedule is customised to fit your lifestyle so that you get the maximum out of the training program. The first few weeks are characterised by regular interaction with a coach to get the scheduling right.Once the program is tweaked to suit your lifestyle, an event-specific program is self monitored.

How is it different from Individualised Coaching?

Individualised coaching is a long term (year-to-year) relationship with the coach with long term goals in mind. Event-specific coaching involves far less interaction with the coach and is aimed at a medium term goal race usually 4 to 6 months in the future.The athlete on an event-specific program is seeking to perform as best possible at one event and not over many years.Individualised coaching requires weekly (or twice weekly) virtual meetings with the coach.

How is it different from a Training Plan?

A Training Plan is an elaborate guide to help you achieve your fitness goals without too much input from a coach.A Training Plan will allow you to create your personal training zones after completing the first weeks field tests.The schedule is set and you upload our training results to see how well you have complied with a the daily and weekly goals.

Why would you want a specific program?

An Event specific program is for an athlete who already has achieved a moderate level of fitness, probably regularly training more than 9 hours per week, and who has an important event 3 to 6 months in the future in which they would like to perform to the best of their abilities.

How to apply for an Event specific training program

The event you are aiming for should be between 13 and 20 weeks in the future.  In order to get an auto generated quote, complete the form below.You will receive a full quote with a PayPal link to make a payment should the quote be acceptable. 

You will also be directed to and additional questionnaire to collect more details so that we can fit the program to your lifestyle.

What you will receive via email 

Should you choose to complete the form below, you will receive:

  • a quotation for the construction of your training program
  • a link to a separate questionnaire so that we can fully customise the program to our event.

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