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Who we are and why we coach.


We love to share motivational messages, training tips, links to the latest blog posts and special offers via our social media platforms.

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We love to share motivational messages, training tips, links to the latest blog posts and special offers via our social media platforms.

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We love to share motivational messages, training tips, links to the latest blog posts and special offers via our social media platforms.

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Our story

Mission statement

To have a positive impact on the athletic potential of as many athletes as we can reach whether it be as small as a tweak of a program schedule or as massive as the total transformation of a life.

Company story

Established in 1993 when email was in its infancy, laptops and spreadsheets were an anomaly and 5 years before Google was established, we operated with a phone line and fax machine. 

We grew from a handful of local elite triathletes on “cut-and-paste” plans to a network of athletes of varying abilities around the world being remotely coached with individualised training programs.

Along the way, we have had the opportunity to be a small influence in the careers of athletes who became “world-beaters” as well as getting normal people off their couches and living much healthier lives.

We are very proud to have had the opportunity of working with all of them.

Our evolution

We are fortunate to have grown from a one-man program generating machine to where we now find ourselves as a hub for practical advice and a sane voice for our athletes in this time of viral product marketing.

While we set a firm structure for our athletes based on what we know that works, we always listen to feedback from our athletes to keep advancing our knowledge. 

We have our traditions but we are not stuck in the past.
When we learn anything new that could benefit any of our athletes, we implement it quickly.

Who we serve

We are not averse to working with any athlete of any ability.

We work to get “Newbie” athletes oriented in their chosen sport as well as taking existing athletes to their next level of personal achievement. 

With novice athletes, our aim is to establish a solid understanding of the basics and requirements of their chosen sport.
This eduction process is backed up with practical advice and then physical training.

With Intermediate athletes, the most difficult group to work with, ;-),  we spend most of our time reigning in their enthusiasm. Scheduling enough training to keep them busy while trying to get them to slow down a bit or not do extra because they “felt good”.

With advanced athletes, it is mainly tweaking what already works to get the last few percentages out of each of their fitness components which may be limiting their best performance. 

Fortunately for Google translate, we are not limited by language barriers any more.



Over 25 years of experience

Why our athletes Achieve their results

With over 25 years of coaching experience and over 40 years of participation, our training philosophy is “keep it fun to get it all done”.

The difference between average and elite athletes is the volume they have been able to accumulate over years of training.

We combine our experience as athletes with science based structure and a sense of humour to help our athletes get the most out of training.

three steps to success Individualised Coaching

We Help You Every Step Of The Way


Assessment & testing

Individualised training zones, limiters and weaknesses identified



Correctly Periodised training program

The correct Frequency, Volume and Intensity of training prescribed for each period of the program


Regular Re-testing & program adjustment

Minor adjustments made to your program to keep you improving.

My Polar History

by Head Coach — Shamus

I have been using Polar Heart Rate monitors since April 1992.

From that day I met with Peter Figg and Andre Kritzinger (at a secret government location) and tried on the Polar Accurex II, heart rate-based training has been how I have done it.

Over the years I have had the privilege of regularly upgrading to the latest models; I have seen huge technological improvements and useful features integrated into the monitors and transmitters. I have seen other players enter the market (some have exited) and watched with interest as they added yet more features.

Heart rate, however, still remains the basis of all my sessions. It makes sense to listen to your body.

The addition and advancement of analysis software have made monitoring improvement, regression and plateaus a lot easier. As a coach, I would say that training session prescription has become a lot easier.

In the past 2 decades, I have learned a lot of “tricks” which I will be sharing with you like blog posts over the coming months.

Heart Rate based Training Zones Different training zones. Threshold interval training session.

Is structured training for you?

You Deserve to perform at your Best

With over 25 years of Coaching experience, we are sure we can find the right solution for you.