Mastering the Freestyle Stroke

Freestyle is the most common stroke used in triathlons. Here are some key techniques and drills to improve your freestyle swimming: Body Position: Maintain a horizontal position in the water, keeping your body streamlined. Your head should be in a neutral position, looking straight down, and your hips should be close to the surface. Breathing: […]

Triathlon Swim Workouts for Beginners: Improve Your Performance

Triathlon swimming can be a daunting challenge for beginners, but with the right swim workouts, you can enhance your performance and build the necessary skills to conquer the open water. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with expert tips and a range of triathlon swim workouts specifically designed for beginners. Whether you are […]

The Perfect Triathlon Swimming Gear Checklist for Beginners

Having the right swimming gear can make a world of difference in your triathlon training and race performances. In this article, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive checklist of essential swimming gear, tailored specifically for triathletes at every level. So, let’s dive in and get ready to conquer the water! Table of Contents The Basics: […]

How to Swim Faster in Triathlons: Tips and Techniques

The swim leg of a triathlon sets the tone for the entire race, and being able to swim faster not only boosts your confidence but also saves valuable time.   In this article, I will share valuable tips and techniques that can help novice, intermediate, and advanced triathletes improve their swimming speed and efficiency.   […]

Mastering Endurance Training for Swimming: A Guide for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers

Swimming, being a highly demanding sport, requires athletes to possess exceptional endurance to excel. Whether you’re a triathlete or an open-water swimmer, incorporating different types of endurance training into your regimen is vital for improving performance and achieving success. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of diverse endurance swimming training methods, discuss […]

The Ultimate Guide to Tri-Suits: Which One is Right for You?

Triathlon is a demanding sport that requires athletes to compete in three different disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. As a result, triathletes need specialised gear that can help them perform at their best in each discipline. One of the key pieces of gear that every triathlete needs is a tri-suit. In this guide, we’ll take […]

How do I choose the right triathlon wetsuit?

Triathlons are challenging events that require participants to swim, bike, and run multiple kilometers.   For the swimming portion, a wetsuit can be a valuable tool for athletes. Wetsuits offer many benefits, including improved buoyancy, enhanced warmth, and reduced drag.   However, choosing the right wetsuit can be overwhelming, especially for novice athletes.   In […]

How to Stay Motivated During Long Training Sessions

Training for a triathlon is a demanding task that requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance. It’s not uncommon for triathletes to face long training sessions that can be physically and mentally exhausting.   Staying motivated during these sessions can be challenging, but different strategies can help novice, intermediate, and advanced triathletes keep going.   In this […]

Dealing with mental fatigue during triathlon training

Triathlon training can be a gruelling process requiring much physical and mental energy.   Many athletes focus solely on the physical aspect of training and forget to take care of their mental health. Mental fatigue is a common issue that athletes face, which can lead to burnout and injury.   In this blog, we will […]

How to Avoid Overtraining While Training for a Triathlon

Training for a triathlon is a gruelling and physically demanding experience.   Triathletes push their bodies to the limit, training for hours daily to improve their endurance, strength, and speed. However, overtraining is a common problem that many triathletes face.   In this blog post, we will discuss how to avoid overtraining while training for […]