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Base Training is key to your performances in the Race Season.

Get your 10 week Sport-Specific Base Training Program for just $15


(that's less than 2 Starbucks Caffe Latte's)

This training package includes:

  • An initial Test Week
  • Analysis of your test data
  •  Prescription of your training zones
  • 8 weeks of sport-specific base training programs 
  • A Retest Week
  • Analysis of your retest data 
  • Comparison of test and retest data with advice for your next phase of training


Triathlon - 5150

Jason Stanley​

From "Couch Potato" to my first Olympic distance triathlon in 8 months.

I loved the journey and it felt like the coaches were by my side every step of the way.

Thank you

Running - Road Marathon

Alice Tinkerton​​​​

I finally broke the 4 hour barrier for a marathon.

I've been running on and off since college and never seemed to improve.

I set my PR at age 38 - 3:47:18 marathoner

Thank you

Triathlon - Half ironman

Cameron Alistair

Podium Place in 70.3!!

I was always competitive but could never just break through to the next level. After 4 months of training with MultiSportCoaching, I unlearned my bad habits and the rest is history.

Thank you

Added Extras:

When preparing for an endurance event, it is important to include
both core strengthening exercises and flexibility training.

Although these extra training sessions do not take very long to complete,
they are essential for keeping your body aligned to ward off imbalances and repetitive motion overuse injuries.

  • Basic Core Strength Program
  • Sport-Specific Flexibility Training Program

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