Why do you need a Base Training period?

Many athletes never reach their full potential because they neglect this extremely critical phase of training.
Base training is about preparing your body for the demanding efforts you will be making during racing and is the fundamental base for all other high-intensity training you’ll be doing later on in your training plan.

Discipline and patience are crucial during this training period; stick to your plan and stay in the prescribed low heart rate zones for as much of the training as possible even if it involves the sacrifice of your group training sessions.
Balance your base training for functional strength training to ensure that you are challenging your whole body neurological system.

" Building an aerobic base is perhaps the single most important phase of the year since it is the foundation upon which your season is built."

"This is the time of year when you train to train, not train to race."

The Build Period starts immediately after your base period ends and should be scheduled in 12 weeks before your first A-priority race of the season.
In the build period, you will be training with workouts that are very much like the stresses you will experience in racing. There is a big difference between training to train and training to race.