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Why is MAF training so slow?

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Why is MAF zone training so slow?

This is a question we get from many of our athletes when we migrate them from a “classic” to a MAF based training program.

Should your aerobic system be underdeveloped, it will take a few weeks for your head to get used to the lower intensity training. 
Don’t worry, the body is very adaptable and improvements will happen. 

Initially, it will be hard on the ego to go so slow, but if you have a little patience, you will be very happy with the results.

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No Pain. No Gain??

It is widely accepted that only “anaerobic” training (speed work) builds speed. This belief is, unfortunately, exacerbated by the outdated “No pain, no gain!” catch phrase still used by many trainers and coaches.

While we recognize the importance of “anaerobic” training for endurance sports, we disagree strongly with the accepted dosage and prescription thereof.

Developing the aerobic system before attempting any “quality” work is ideal as you get faster without the “wear and tear” (and possible injuries) that often accompany anaerobic training. Your immune system is put under far less pressure when training aerobically so you are far less likely to succumb to  infections or lose training days due to illness.

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If you practice different sports, some will feel easier than others when trying to stay in your MAF training zone.
You can get faster by first training slower.

Coach Shamus

Coaching since 1993, Coach Shamus has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in triathlon having represented his country at the world championships on many occasions. He has competed in all distances from Sprint to Full Ironman and still, after more than 30 years of training and competing, gets excited to wake up and meet the team on the pool deck.

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